St Lucia Passport Ranking

st lucia passport ranking

St Lucia Passport Ranking

The Saint Lucian passport, which is ranked 32nd and is visa-free in 145 countries. It offers visa-free entry and visas on arrival to popular international locations. But for around 84 places, a visa is necessary.

The number of nations that permit holders of Saint Lucia passports to enter without a visa (i.e., visa-free countries) and those that permit holders of Saint Lucia passports to enter by obtaining a visa on arrival (i.e., visa-on-arrival countries) or an electronic travel authorisation is added up to determine the Saint Lucia passport ranking in comparison to other international passports (eTA). There are now 113 nations that do not require visas for holders of Saint Lucia passports, 30 nations that do, and 2 eTA destinations.

Passport holders from Saint Lucia can access 145 different countries either without a visa, with a visa on arrival, or through an electronic travel authorisation (eTA). Thus, the Saint Lucia passport comes in at number 32 worldwide.

There are 84 other countries where Saint Lucia passport holders must get a physical visa or an electronic visa in addition to these visa-free and visa-on-arrival nations (i.e. visa required countries).

Saint Lucia Citizenship and passport program

The quality of life in Saint Lucia is unmatched by many other countries. We have a relatively low crime rate, easy access to contemporary infrastructure, services, and amenities, as well as top-notch dining establishments and hotels. To experience a greener lifestyle, residents might choose to live close to big population areas or adjacent to the quieter countryside.

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