Selling Property in St Lucia ?

We help people with selling property in St Lucia Caribbean such as their homes, land, villa, condo, hotels and resorts.  

The Best Results in St Lucia Real Estate

Listing Your Property

We teach people about the selling process. We know how to find the right local agent for you, no matter what your needs are.


Home Preparation

If you are ready to sell your home, we can help. Start by filling out a form on our website and get a free evaluation from one of our agents.



Our Listing Approach

We think that in today’s market, no one person, no matter how experienced or educated, can give the finest service without the help of a team of professionals. We bring together top-tier talent with extensive experience and knowledge at Multiple Listings & Real Estate Services with the purpose of making the selling process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Our current standing as the one of the best Real Estate Team in the Saint Lucia, along with our really creative business strategy and amazing personnel, makes us the ideal choice to sell your house. If not handled appropriately, the home-selling process may be complicated and unpleasant. While every transaction is unique, every homeowner wants the greatest possible price with the least amount of difficulty.

Furthermore, Multiple Listings & Real Estate Services has established a new industry ethical standard by waiving a percentage of the commission from sellers side of the transaction if the buyers have negotiated a lower price.


Have you just received a fantastic job offer that requires you to relocate? Have you found the home of your dreams but still need to sell your current residence? Are you getting ready to retire and want to downsize your belongings?

You’ve arrived to the correct site for whatever the reason. Our article will provide you with an outline of what to expect when selling a house in Saint Lucia.

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