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We’ve created a structure that’s different from typical real estate organizations to improve our clients’ experience and give them with the proper tools, unbiased counsel, and professionals for each city. Additionally, customers will have access to a variety of services and experts for post-purchase help.

St. Lucia real estate purchases can be lucrative financial opportunities. St. Lucia is well-known for its magnificent beaches, lush surroundings, and lively culture. When purchasing real estate in St. Lucia, keep the following important factors in mind:-

Research the real estate market in St. Lucia, Engage your Multiple Listings and Real Estate Agents, engage our recommended local attorneys and secure Financing for your property..

Villa Trou Rolland Marigot Bay

  • USD$2,400,000.00


  • USD$7,500,000.00
  • Beds: 7
  • Baths: 9
  • 14832 SF

THE VICTORIAN- Cap Estate, St. Lucia

  • Beds: 7
  • 8395 SF

Surfside Villas At Anse Galet Bay

  • USD$350,000.00
  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 3
  • 1943 SF

Luxury Villa for Sale at Cap Estate – Cayman Villa

  • Beds: 4
  • Baths: 4
  • 3859 SF


  • USD$950,000.00
  • Beds: 5
  • Baths: 3
  • 2,200 sqft


  • USD$1,300,000.00
  • Beds: 5
  • Baths: 5
  • 5,940 sqft


  • USD$1,395,000.00
  • Beds: 5
  • Baths: 5
  • 5,400 sqft


Multiple Listings & Real Estate Services is dedicated to providing outstanding service to its customers. We put time, effort, and money into each of our clients. Multiple Listings & Real Estate Services provides the following complimentary services to all of our buyers.

The most crucial aspects of a successful real estate transaction are finding the appropriate home, paying the correct price, and closing on the property of your choosing. Our agents have a deep understanding of the St Lucia Real Estate market in their specific districts and communities. Our agents must monitor and explore the locations in which they specialise on a frequent basis. 

As a client, we will pair you with one or more of our buyer consultants who are experts in your desired location or community. Furthermore, because they are driven by your pleasure rather than their income, our agents collaborate to discover the perfect property for you.

Multiple Listings & Real Estate Services agents has a deep understanding of the St Lucia Real Estate  market. Our agents  also has strong ties with other top agents who are members of the Realtors’ Association of St Lucia Inc.  Top agents frequently communicate their forthcoming listings with our agents before they hit the market. Our team also has a lot of influence and name recognition when it comes to submitting proposals for their clients.
The process of purchasing a property is not easy. There are several complications, and only the greatest agents can comprehend them and exploit them to their customers’ benefit. Our knowledge and experience at Multiple Listings & Real Estate Services allows us to navigate the homebuying process and negotiate the best possible price for our clients.
When evaluating offers, listing agents and sellers evaluate a variety of variables. Obviously, the given price and terms are crucial, but there are other intangible things to consider as well. For example, the agent’s professionalism and reputation, as well as the order in which the offer is presented, tend to suggest the chance of a smooth transaction. Multiple Listings & Real Estate Services  representatives take pleasure in presenting compelling and impressive proposals. Everything is of the highest quality, from the personal delivery to the materials supplied.
A contract is legally binding on both the buyer and the seller after it is signed by both parties. It is critical to understand the contract’s words and their meanings. When asking agents fundamental real estate legal inquiries, clients should not accept the response “you must talk with a lawyer.” Real estate agents are obligated to comprehend and explain the legal implications of a real estate transaction to their customers, according to case law. Agents should be expected to understand the contract and all of its consequences, especially because they are paid substantially from the sale of a house, usually in commission. All of Multiple Listings & Real Estate Services agents are expected to complete formal training, both in-house, Monroe College and through other sources. In reality, we feel that knowing and understanding the contract is insufficient for an agent. Knowing what the contract doesn’t state, how it may be amended, and what risks are being accepted is what separates a great agent from a competent one. The ability to use the real estate contract as a tool to achieve better results distinguishes us from our rivals even more. Our agents will work with you as a client to answer questions about the contract and how to best use it to maximise the chances of your offer being accepted at the best price.


Our highly trained interior designer provides three complimentary hours of interior design services to Multiple Listings & Real Estate Services clients. Our interior designer will assist you in planning and designing your new house using his or her years of experience. Our interior designer, for example, might provide ideas for possible changes, locate styles that suit your personality, remodel your living space with the furniture you currently have, and find methods to make your house more useful and visually beautiful.


Most home purchases need some home repairs, either before or after the move in. We give seven hours of complimentary handyman services to help our clients settle into their new home comfortably. Our handyman is here to assist you with any home improvements you may require with only a phone call.


We have negotiated special prices with numerous local businesses due to our high volume of property sales. More significantly, we have confidence in the integrity of many of these vendors since they have worked with us for numerous years. As a result, they are prompt and trustworthy, constantly prioritising the demands of our clients. Any contractor that works with Multiple Listings & Real Estate Services clients does not charge a markup or any other referral fee; all savings are passed on to you directly.


Because a real estate purchase is one of the most significant purchases you will make in your life, it is critical that you choose the proper agent, who is familiar with the districts and communities in St Lucia, and are well-versed in the real estate transaction process.

The first step in house hunting is to find the correct agent. Buying a property is a major commitment with a lot of legal and financial repercussions, so you shouldn’t pick an agent based only on a “personal connection” or because they’re “nice.” The finest agents, like attorneys and surgeons, prefer to specialise in specific sorts of sales, market niches, or other areas of expertise.

That is exactly what we provide at Multiple Listings & Real Estate Services. All of our agents are required to have specialised knowledge of certain communities. While no single agent is “ideal” for everyone, we think that a combination of experience, training, education, background, and expertise may help you succeed.

It is now simple to find properties using web searches. However, waiting until the clients have found a home to choose an agent may not be in their best interests.

Our knowledgeable agents can assist you in finding the suitable area, coordinating financing, explaining the tax implications of house ownership, weeding out undesirable homes, identifying off-market options, and answering any concerns you may have. Additionally, during a broker tour, our agents will assist with the screening of homes and will alert you when appropriate properties become available.

Clients usually have a broad concept of the districts and communities they prefer. However, you should look through your criteria to see which places inside the communities you think are a suitable fit.

Our representatives will personally accompany you to a couple of the communities, give you a tour of the neighborhood, and show you a few typical properties. Our experts will also offer you with information on nearby schools, health services, and the potential for appreciation in each neighborhood. Clients should, in general, not buy a house until they are comfortable with the community and have seen enough properties to detect a great fit.

For a variety of reasons, being pre-approved by a bank in St Lucia or Credit Union should be one of your first priorities. In St Lucia, a pre-approval letter is not required before your offer is seriously considered. Knowing the loan amount available can help you decide how much you want to spend on your property and which communities to look at.

In general, you should start the pre-approval process as soon as you meet with your agent. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to address any concerns that arise. Our agents can assist you with this procedure and can refer you to great Loan Officers at various banks and credit Unions. Our suggestions are devoid of any conflicts of interest; our agents do not get any financial compensation for making recommendations.

Once you’ve found the home you like, read through the disclosures provided by the seller and listing agent. In St Lucia you may have to find your own Property Valuator.

The property and pest inspections, the seller’s disclosures, and the Land register are all included in the disclosures. To assist you in reviewing the disclosures, our representatives will offer you with a summary of the key points.

Valuation Report on the Property

The inspector’s judgment on the home’s plumbing, electrical systems, foundation, roof, and overall condition is included in the property inspection. This valuation report will include all of the issues discovered by the inspector. The cost estimates are not provided by the property appraiser. In most cases, issues discovered during property inspections are not addressed by the seller, and you must remedy them.

Disclosures by the Seller

The seller’s disclosures answer queries like if any renovation has been done and, if so, whether it was done with permits.

Land Register

The land register, which you can get at the land registry in Castries, ensures that the seller may transfer the property with clear title and without any liens impeding the transaction. The Land Register lists any liens that may exist on the property, such as Mortgages and judgements from the courts. Problems in transferring title are uncommon and can be easily resolve through your attorney.

Documents for Homeowners Associations (HOAs)

If you’re looking at a townhouse or condominium, the HOA documentation will almost certainly be included in the disclosures or will be available soon. The level of financial reserves, if any lawsuit or special levies are imminent, and whether there are plans to significantly increase HOA dues are all important factors to examine. In contrast to the interest you pay on your mortgage,

Dues to a homeowners’ association are not tax deductible. You and our agent will go over the disclosures together and talk about any questions or concerns you have about the material. You should only consider making an offer once you are satisfied with the disclosures.

Our realtor will then collaborate with you to prepare an offer. Our agent will communicate with the listing agent ahead of time to determine the seller’s wishes and to see if you can provide the seller any valuable items at a low cost to you. This demonstrates your want to cooperate with the seller and can help you and the seller achieve the best possible outcome. Our realtor will supply you with a similar market study, which will indicate the selling price of previous comparable homes as well as the present property’s market worth. Our real estate agent will also inform you of other parties’ levels of interest and whether you are in a multiple-offer situation.
An offer can be accepted, rejected, or refuted after it is made. A counteroffer accepts all of the contract’s provisions except those that are specifically expressed. A counteroffer, for example, might raise the purchase price or decrease the escrow period. A counteroffer can be offered to a single person or a group of people. A binding contract is created when there is only one counteroffer and that counteroffer is accepted. If there are numerous counteroffers, each of which may have the same or different parameters, the buyer must accept the counteroffer and the seller must reaccept it, ensuring that the house is sold to just one party.

The escrow period begins once the parties have reached a contractual agreement.  In St Lucia the agent or the attorney would receive the buyer’s funds in return for the seller’s property. A caution is generally placed on the property.

Your deposit which was placed in Escrow is added to the balance outstanding. The attorney prepares  the deed of sale in your name for signing on the day of closing. Our realtor will supply you with the keys, garage opener, and access codes, if any, once you have signed and payments have been exchanged. Other information, such as equipment manuals, is frequently kept on the premises. You will be the owner of record, but a formal deed normally takes about 1 month to get registered.

Have fun in your new house! Even after you close, Multiple Listings and Real Estate Service agents are available to help you with any housing queries or difficulties you may have.

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