Types of Housing Available in St. Lucia

types of housing in st lucia real estate

The different types of housing available in St. Lucia

On the island of St. Lucia, residents are spread out across numerous communities and the various types of housing available in St. Lucia vary. The majority of the population resides in Castries or the larger communities like Gros Islet, Vieux Fort, and Soufrière.
Others reside in more rural or compact villages.

Since St. Lucia is a very hilly island, many people find it challenging to locate flat property for their homes.
Even so, it is conceivable to construct a home on a slope. In St. Lucia, a lot of homes are perched on the sides of deep valleys. These homes are constructed on stilts.

The wooden or concrete poles raise the building above the uneven terrain to provide a smooth platform. The homeowner also benefits from having a large amount of storage space beneath their home thanks to the stilts, and flooding turns out to be hardly a concern at all. Due to these benefits, many people who reside on flat terrain also decide to construct a home on stilts.

Because of the tropical climate, rain can occasionally occur as a violent downpour. As a result, most houses have slanted roofs to make it easier for rain to drain. Homes in rural and underdeveloped locations are probably constructed of corrugated iron, breeze blocks, and salvaged materials.

All communities have homes with TVs, running water, and all the entertainment you would find in a home in a developed country. These residences could include some colonial structures. Town homes frequently have gardens with grass and flowers, whereas rural villages typically share produce plots.

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