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Grande Anse St Lucia Real Estate

Grande Anse St Lucia real estate is roughly 1,600 acres of this lovely undeveloped property for sale. This land is perfect for a leading nature reserve and sustainable Eco-resort development community.
One of St. Lucia’s most beautiful and picturesque beaches is the one and a quarter mile stretch of sand.

With mountain ranges on three sides that all focus on the intense ocean action, this amazing, secluded region is shaped like a natural amphitheater.
For swimming to be SAFE, significant mitigating engineering will be needed.One may soak up the sun and take in a wideangle vista of the beach from every direction.

Several hundred acres of flat land are available in the main valley, including roughly 60 acres of “Queen’s Chain” beachfront property.
The land is traversed by three little “streams.” On the Grande Anse Beach, there are two lagoons that form; they contribute to the scenery and might be of architectural importance.
Despite significant deforestation and land clearance, the majority of the site is covered in secondary tropical vegetation, other exotic fruit trees, and coconut palms.

The estate is home to a variety of beautiful plants and animals.
The beach is a crucial location for the big Leatherback turtle’s nest, which it uses from March to August to deposit its eggs (These turtles are protected by law and the “Desbarras Turtle Qatch” is organized by the community of Desbarras).
Due to Grand Anse’s size and characteristics, a diversified, responsible land use that includes a variety of activities is envisioned.
Large green belt and Nature Reserve areas must be included into the master plan in order to maximize its special potential.
Possible modules in expansive, untamed wild areas include:
•Resorts, ranging from a signature, flag ship hotel to low impact eco-lodges, recreation of a Taino Indian village.
•Condominium, luxury villas, vacation homes and homesites
•Retirement community compound
•Multi-purpose convention center and entertainment facility
•Commercial village with retail, art galleries, banking, restaurants, concierge and amenities
•Wildlife refuge, Nature Reserve, Visitor education, conservation protection workshops, and learning and cultural exchange facilities
•Health and fitness center, medical clinic, spa, and executive rehab unit
•Horseback riding, hiking trails, campsites, sports and recreation facilities
•Green energy production, produce gardens, maintenance compound, and staff housing

Due to Grand Anse’s size and characteristics, diversified, responsible land use that includes variety of activities is envisioned. 
Large green belt and Nature Reserve areas must be included into the master plan in order to maximize its special potential. 
Possible modules in expansive, untamed wild areas include:
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